New Patch Pricing Starts Today

Starting Today, All Patch Pricing Has Been Reduced by $20!

Here’s a breakdown of these new prices:

  • Retail price per sleeve: $69.95
  • Wholesale price per sleeve: $49.95 with a total BV of 39

News You Can Feel Good About Sharing
Now you have a greater chance of attracting new prospects—including retail customers—and growing your LifeWave business. And since all Members now only pay $49.95 per sleeve, this eliminates the need for multi-unit pricing.

Autoship Members: How to Stay Active
If you typically buy just one patch sleeve to reach 55 PV, you now need to buy a minimum of two patch sleeves each month to remain active:

  • This will make your monthly PV 78
  • Your Autoship bill will now total $99.90 plus tax and shipping
  • That’s it. No other changes are required!

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Purchase Equivalent to 39 PV Will Now Hold Your Volume!
As long as you purchase 39 PV once per month, the carryover volume for your position will continue to hold. Even though your position will show as “Inactive,” the volume will not flush.

Keep in mind that 55 PV per month is still required to remain “Active,” and 110 PV per month is still required to qualify for Matching Bonuses.

This is big news for the entire LifeWave community. Please be sure to remind everyone you know about this important price change and good luck with the results!