New Online Platform: What You Need to Know


The New Online System Is Now Live!
As with any project of this scale, it takes a few days to get fully up and running with a system migration. While we’re making great progress to finalize this, there are some things you need to know in the mean time (see below).

1. You need your username to login to your new Back Office.

  • If you have a replicated website set up, your username will be the last part of the URL for this replicated site
  • If you have never setup a replicated website, your username will be your LifeWave Distributor ID number.
  • Still experiencing trouble?
    • Retrieve your username by clicking “Forgot Username?” on the login page
    • Contact Customer Service for assistance

2. Your password will remain the same.
If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page. However, you will be asked to reset your password after you login.

3. We’re still finalizing content in your new Back Office.
In your new Back Office, you’ll see a lot of information about your position and your organization. Right now, some of this content is inaccurate, as we wait for the final import of data from our old system. This will be finished by end of day Wednesday (October 5), or sooner.

4. The security error message has been fixed.
As we were making some very positive changes to our site, there was a brief period where users saw a security error message. That problem has now been fixed, and you can safely access the site by using either or simply If you still see the security error message, please clear your Internet browser cookies.

5. Commissions
Commissions will be unaffected by this change. Your commissions will be processed exactly as they have been in the past, on time.

6. Please try out the new enrollment process and the new upgrade kits.
They are super fun to use, because you can modify the contents to suit each new enrollee!

7. Autoships are now being processed.
We didn’t process Autoships on Monday (October 3), since we were “off the air” for much of that day. But we’re processing both Monday and Tuesday Autoships today (October 4), and all autoships will be processed on a timely basis going forward.

We appreciate your patience!
We look forward to letting you know when the migration is finished, so we can all enjoy this amazing new tool!

Please Contact Customer Service with Questions or Concerns:


The LifeWave Marketing Team