New Online Experience:
You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Many of our Members have contacted LifeWave Customer Service with questions about our new online system. Please see answers to the most common questions below.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • The last part of the URL for your replicated website is now your username. For example, if your URL was, you would use opportunity to login to your Back Office.
  • If you don’t have a replicated website URL, please use your Distributor ID number to login to your Back Office.
  • To log out of your Back Office, click your name in the top right hand corner, and then click Sign Out.
  • If you have used your email to register more than one account (e.g. family or downline Members), the Forgot Password feature will not work. You must call Customer Service to recover your password and ideally establish a unique email for each account.
  • To purchase products at a Distributor (wholesale) price, you must first login to your Back Office before placing the order.
  • If you receive an “Oops” message while on the website, please clear your cookies, then refresh the page. If you need help clearing your cookies, simply do a Google search for deleting cookies in your browser. For example, search “how to clear cookies in Safari.”
  • You must logout of your Back Office before logging in to a downline Member’s Back Office (e.g. to assist him/her with placing an order).
  • You can choose exactly where to place a new Member, by logging in to your Back Office and going to Organization and then Binary Tree Viewer. A plus (+) sign signifies an open position.
  • If the Back Office shows you as Inactive, this is likely the reason: to remain Active and Qualified for commissions, you must purchase LifeWave products with a minimum value of 55 BV every 30 days, instead of the old rule of every 35 days. For the initial period of time during this transition, we will assist members who go inactive as a result of this change. If you have made a purchase within the last 30 days, but still show as inactive, please contact Customer Service.
  • If you’ve purchased a Maintenance Kit or a Diamond Enrollment, your scheduled monthly PV deposits will not display in advance in your Back Office. But you will be able to see them once they arrive.
  • If you see No Rank appear in your Back Office, don’t worry! This simply means you haven’t reached Manager (our first ranking) yet.

Coming Soon!

  • Moving to a new country? Vacation elsewhere? Soon, you’ll be able to ship to multiple addresses in different countries from the same account!
  • Want to purchase extra products with an Enrollment or Upgrade Kit? You’ll soon have the opportunity to purchase products AND an Upgrade or Enrollment Kit simultaneously!

We’re Here to Help

We hope this helps you more easily navigate our new platform, and appreciate your patience during this transition. Please know we’re working diligently to resolve any outstanding issues.

Contact LifeWave Customer Service With any Questions:


The LifeWave Marketing Team