Exciting Changes to LifeWave Comp Plan

Improved Transparency for Active/Inactive Status

In recent years, many of you have requested to see when your downline Distributors are about to become Inactive, so you can alert them to stay Active by purchasing the required 55 BV. You now have this capability with our new system, and we want to explain how it works.

New 30-Day Qualification Period

We have replaced the 35-day qualification period with a 30-day qualification period. This means each Sunday night at the close of the commission week, the system now looks back 30 days to see if the required purchase is there. If it is, the position is Active and qualified.

In addition to this Sunday assessment (close of commission week), the system actually does a weekly review each Monday, to identify anyone who will go Inactive by the following Sunday. It then shows this information in your Back Office.

This Example Should Help:

  • Monday (October 24) the system began looking back 30 days from Sunday (October 30) to see who has the required 55 BV.
  • It then displays everyone who is currently Active and will be Active as of Sunday night (October 30).
  • It also shows anyone who is currently Inactive, PLUS those who will be Inactive by Sunday night unless they make a purchase.

What About Autoship?
In the example above, if someone is scheduled for an Autoship order October 29, they will appear Inactive until that autoship is initiated. But they can see that scheduled order by looking in their organization, and then looking at their Downline Autoship Report.

Better Visibility Means Better Communication
The idea here is to provide you and your downline with advance notice of those who are in danger of going Inactive before the next commission payment. Once everyone is properly educated, we believe this will be a great tool for coaching your downline teams.

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