[TOMORROW] My Action Plan: Text Blitz!

Dear LifeWave Distributors:

Are You Ready for the Text Blitz Tomorrow (November 11)?

Great! We’re excited to see the results of this awesome group effort. Not sure what a text blitz is? It’s an easy way to set up as many appointments as possible in one hour. For helpful tips on doing this text blitz, refer to page 7 of the My Action Plan Easy Instructions PDF.

Did You Know Nearly 100% of All Text Messages Are Opened?1

Not only that, but the average response time is just 90 seconds.1  With that in mind, this is an exciting opportunity to build your Alavida business! Plus, you can host the blitz at your home, office or online.

Here are some essential things to prepare for your text blitz tomorrow:

  • List of 50+ people to contact
  • Calendar of availability
  • Phone charger
  • Quiet room for phone calls

Good luck, and we’d love to hear how many appointments you booked at success@lifewave.com!

1 http://digitalmarketingmagazine.co.uk/mobile-digital-marketing/7-key-statistics-for-sms-marketing/558