Current Promotions And Contests

Two Months Left to Win a FREE Cruise!

Cruise Promotion Winners Update:

Every Monday, until the “Ride the Wave, Win the Cruise” promotion ends on May 11, LifeWave will be reporting the names of those hard-working Members who have qualified to win a FREE spot on our exclusive 10th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise as well as those Members who are CLOSE to winning!

We will post these results in the back office every Monday and send out a weekly email so you can follow all of the exciting cruise promo updates.

Congratulations to our current cruise winners! All of your hard work and dedication has paid off, and you will be joining us aboard a luxurious cruise liner setting sail from Miami, Florida, to beautiful Nassau, Bahamas, on November 8-12, 2014 (a $3,000 value)!

Current Winners:

Jannie Bak, Denmark

Susanne Pedersen, Denmark

Michal Pietrzyk, Poland

To stay up-to-date on which Members have already won as well as those who are close to winning a FREE cruise (it could be you!), please go to your back office and click on “Promotions”.

If you are not on the list above or the “Members in the Running” list in the back office, there’s still plenty of time for you to win a FREE cruise! See full promotion details below.

How YOU Can Still Win A Cruise:

This promo began on January 6 and will run until May 11, 2014. Earn YOUR spot on the LifeWave 10th Anniversary Caribbean cruise! Any Member who is Wave Bonus qualified can win a cruise by earning $4000 in Wave Bonuses during the qualification period. Any Member may participate as long as they become Wave Bonus qualified within the promo period. All new enrollees who help qualify their upline for the rewards must be active for a minimum of 90 days.

*Special Note: if the LifeWave stateroom block is exhausted (making it impossible for some qualified Members to attend), LifeWave will pay the value of the cruise, estimated to be $3,000.

**Winners of Cruise packages will be provided two tickets per winner for the cruise. All travel expenses, including ground transportation and accommodations, necessary to get to the embarkation point are the responsibility of the individual, and will not be provided by LifeWave. Incidental expenses on board the ship are also the responsibility of the individual, and will not be paid by LifeWave.


Facebook Contest: Win A CORSENTIALS System!*

We’re giving away one box of CORSENTIALS every week! To qualify, simply submit your CORSENTIALS testimonial on our Facebook page. Every Friday, through March 28, we will hold a drawing from that week’s testimonial submissions to determine a winner. Each winner will be announced the following week.

*All prizewinners are subject to LifeWave’s Policies and Procedures regarding the resale of products. By submitting your testimonial, you agree that LifeWave may use it for marketing purposes in conjunction with your name and picture.

Congratulations to our previous six winners:

  1. Maybrith Doest, LifeWave Distributor, Denmark (Jan. 31-Feb. 7)
  2. Lone Voelund, LifeWave Distributor, Denmark (Feb. 7-Feb.14)
  3. Cheryl Wright, LifeWave Distributor, United States (Feb. 14- Feb. 21)
  4. Katja Kielstrup LifeWave Distributor, Denmark (Feb. 21-Feb. 28)
  5. Karin Svendsen, LifeWave Distributor, Denmark (Feb. 28- March 7)
  6. Montse Clemente, LifeWave Distributor, Spain (March 7- March 14)