Cruise to Success in 2014!

I met LifeWave technology accidently on a Suzanne Somers cruise event over 4 years ago and my life changed. I shared the LifeWave info with my friends, and they joined while on the Mediterranean LifeWave cruise and their life changed too. They are now big Greek leaders! There will be brainstorming, lots of people you want to meet and your life won’t be the same. Truly, you don’t want to miss this event. See you there!”-Betty A., LifeWave Distributor, Greece

LifeWave Members from all over the world have already committed to joining us on our 10th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise that will leave the Port of Miami, Florida, and sail to Nassau, Bahamas, November 8-12, 2014!

Some of our Members have had the pleasure of experiencing a past LifeWave cruise and understand just how impactful the cruise can be in helping to grow their LifeWave business. Members refuse to risk missing this opportunity to experience business growth!

Five full days and 4 full nights on a cruise liner out in the middle of the Caribbean Sea offers the following unique opportunities for LifeWave Members who attend:

  • The ability to meet, network and strengthen relationships with other LifeWave Members in a way a single day event can’t!
  • A more intimate environment to learn more about LifeWave products and smart business strategies straight from Founder/CEO David Schmidt and President Mike Collins
  • An incredible atmosphere filled with FUN onboard amenities you’ve only dreamed existed in one single place!
  • Invitations to exclusive LifeWave only events, including group dinners every night!
  • Exotic views, beautiful weather, a paradise island, gourmet meals—what more could you ask for?
  • The chance to be one of the select few people who get to enjoy the celebration of an incredible milestone in LifeWave’s history—our one and only 10th anniversary!

This is truly a “must” event for anyone who wants to take their LifeWave business to the next level as well as develop deeper relationships with other LifeWave family Members.

Get your team together now to join the fun! All LifeWave Members are eligible to purchase the cruise, but remember you can also WIN the cruise as part of our current LifeWave cruise promotion! Read more about our “Ride the Wave, Win the Cruise” promo further down in this newsletter.

For more information about special ports of call, incredible entertainment you’ll get to experience, details about the luxurious cruise liner we’ll be sailing on and more, please click here!