CORSENTIALS Highlighted at Warsaw Europe Tour Meeting

Four hundred excited LifeWave members and guests packed the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland last Saturday at the kickoff meeting of the 2014 May Europe Tour to hear timely news from LifeWave Founder, and CEO David Schmidt and President Mike Collins.

David discussed LifeWave’s blockbuster product CORSENTIALS, and why this three-product set should be the cornerstone of anyone’s nutritional program. Mike spoke about the importance of CORSENTIALS as the fundamental building block of our LifeWave business—simple, effective, and the best way to introduce others to our great company.

LifeWave Leader, Grzegorz Burian, Honored at Warsaw Meeting 

The Warsaw meeting also saw noted LifeWave leader, Grzegorz Burian — whose tremendous persistence, energy and commitment led to the launching of our Polish business market in 2010 — honored with LifeWave’s prestigious “Distinguished Leadership Award” for his outstanding achievements.

A Leader par excellence, Grzegorz, who holds the rank of Director, is responsible for starting the Polish market, which is now the 5th largest LifeWave market in the world as a result of his efforts. He is also a respected team leader, judiciously building and guiding his cadre of LifeWave Members, who have benefited from his direction.

Congratulations to Grzegorz for joining an elite group of LifeWave Leaders who have earned this coveted award!