CORSENTIALS Has Arrived In Europe!

We just experienced an incredibly successful launch of CORSENTIALS in the United States at our 2014 Kick-Off Event, with part of the excitement and enthusiasm generated from what Members are calling not only the best event in LifeWave’s 10-year history, but the best network marketing event they have ever attended!

The launch of CORSENTIALS in the European Union then exceeded our expectations, and solidified the fact that everyone, everywhere, is thrilled about our most advanced product yet!

The launch of this entirely new era in LifeWave took place across multiple cities in Europe. At every location, attendees took part in an exclusive taste test of our brand new, revolutionary Theta One formula, including our proprietary nutrient delivery system, Theta Activate. Attendees were also patched with Aeon in order to experience the CORSENTIALS system in its entirety. The feedback and testimonials we heard throughout the taste test and after the event were simply phenomenal!  Typical experiences with CORSENTIALS include immediate improvements in energy, well-being and an overall sense of improved health.  Within a few days of regular use, Members are reporting a leaner body, increases in strength and stamina, radiant skin, an improved libido, and numerous other health benefits!

LifeWave’s first CORSENTIALS EU launch event was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on February 8, with over 700 people in attendance. This was a LifeWave Corporate event, with Founder/CEO David Schmidt and President Mike Collins leading the meeting.

Reactions from Copenhagen, Denmark:

So far it’s been the best day of the year. Can’t wait to go out and promote this opportunity to the rest of the world. Products, business and pleasure – THANK YOU LifeWave.”-Birgit V. B., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“The Copenhagen event yesterday really was the best of the 5 big LifeWave events I have participated in. I am so thankful to be a part of this fantastic company. The products are amazing, the leadership is great, and the colleagues are so full of positive energy! I felt a wonderful sense of wellbeing after trying the Corsentials, and I can’t wait to experience the long-term benefits of it. I am super excited about sharing it with my friends and family. This is going to be huge!”- Andreas F., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“I think it was the best event ever. I have tested the CORSENTIALS product for a month, and I’m very excited about this new product. As a networker it will be much easier to build the business.”-Jens H., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“Great event. Love everything about CORSENTIALS.”-Bubby J., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“Arguably the best event I’ve been to. I have already ordered 3x CORSENTIALS.”-Kasper J., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

The momentum for CORSENTIALS continued to sweep across Europe as two of our most successful LifeWave Leaders hosted their own launch events.

LifeWave Leader, Jimmy Wan, hosted an event in Lyon, France, on February 8, for over 200 guests and had this to say about the success of his event:

The LifeWave CORSENTIALS launch in Lyon was great. Members who attended the meeting were very excited when they discovered the benefits behind this great product and the benefits for the business opportunity. Many Members did feel results after their first trial and also the day after. All the attendees really understand the new strategy of the company: health made simple!”

LifeWave Leader, Saly Camacho, also hosted an event on February 8, but in Barcelona, Spain. Saly had this to say about her CORSENTIALS launch event:

Members were impressed with the results of the CORSENTIALS system! Many of them shared the rapid effects they noticed like tiredness disappearing, a reinvigorated inner state, and they want to get the system within this week!

Up next: LifeWave Leader, Jan Wiegel, is hosting two CORSENTIALS launch events; one is in Dusseldorf, Germany, on February 15, and the other is in Mondsee, Austria, on February 23. Alain and Corinne Lebon are also hosting a launch event in Reunion Island, France, on February 23.

Read future LifeWave emails for more details about these events!

If the initial reaction to CORSENTIALS during our first two months of the year is any indication of what’s come in 2014, we have no doubt that this year (our 10th anniversary!) will be the greatest year in LifeWave’s history!