CORSENTIALS: A Worldwide Success!

LifeWave is thrilled to be experiencing our most impressive product launch to date. CORSENTIALS is our most successful LifeWave product of all time, and the proof is in the numbers:

  • March 8-9 was the BIGGEST sales weekend in LifeWave’s 10-year history, crushing our previous record by 44%!
  • March has been the biggest start to a month ever!
  • Commissions this past week were up by over 70% since before the CORSENTIALS launch!
  • Commissions this next week will be even higher!

These are incredible statistics, but at LifeWave, we don’t just measure success by numbers, but also by how well our products deliver exceptional health benefits to our Members. It’s safe to say that CORSENTIALS is changing lives everywhere!

It’s amazing. What a miracle system is CORSENTIALS!!”-Saly C., LifeWave Distributor, Spain

“I have been drinking CORSENTIALS now for 3 weeks. I feel I “am born again” and have a whole new life. This is unbelievable for me. I am so thankful for getting this product in my life. I am deeply in love with some-ONE.”-Jette S., LifeWave Distributor, Denmark

“I’ve been using the patches for 3 months now, and I’m fascinated, but I heard about the new CORSENTIALS and how it works right away. I had to quickly check it out and…it WORKS!”-Rafal M., LifeWave Distributor, Poland

“My husband and I tried CORSENTIALS for the first time in Mondsee, and I have to say WOW, a sharp product. Just great, thank you for this top product!”-Regina G., LifeWave Distributor, Austria

I have used it for 2 weeks. I drink it in the morning before breakfast, and it goes through my system. I feel like 40. I am 66. I love the taste.“-Rozila B. A., LifeWave Distributor, Turkey

Only CORSENTIALS provides phenomenal health benefits combined with a business opportunity that’s exploding with growth. There has never been a better time to join LifeWave!

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