Copenhagen 2016: Are You Ready to Shape Your Future?

Our newest product innovation is not only a revolution in fat loss, but it’s also a LifeWave business opportunity with unlimited potential. If you want a blueprint for success with this breakthrough technology, you absolutely must attend our Copenhagen event!

Some of Our Most Successful International Leaders Will Present:

  • How to Introduce LifeWave to Complete Strangers: attracting new prospects is essential and it all begins with this introduction.
  • How to Give a Presentation to a Group: once you have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
  • Daily Necessities to Succeed in Direct Selling: big-time results require consistent dedication, and now you’ll have a blueprint for staying the course.
  • Becoming a Product of the Product: it all starts with using our products—their transformative powers will make you a true believer, and that passion will be contagious every time you share them with others.
  • How to Stay Motivated and Focused: it’s all too easy to stray when life’s demands and routines become overwhelming—these proven best practices leave no room for failure.
  • How to Ask for An Order and Close the Sale: all the training and preparation comes down to this critical moment—learn how to walk away with the sale.
  • How to Bring in New Enrollees and Build Your Organization: expanding your team is the foundation of effective direct selling—hear proven methods for short-term and long-term growth.

Event Pricing*

  • 655 DKK through September 13, 2016 ($99.00 USD, 88€)
  • 853 DKK at the door, cash only ($129.00 USD, 115€)

Buffet lunch and cocktail reception are included in the registration price.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone from outside of Scandinavia who registers online in advance (by September 13) gets a refund after attending the event.

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This is just a glimpse at what to expect, with more intriguing details to come.

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*Pricing does not include VAT.