Copenhagen 2016: Another Record-Breaking Event!

Once again, Copenhagen raised the bar for LifeWave events! With over 1400 in attendance (another record-breaking crowd), the audience witnessed the unveiling of WinFit and a whole lot more.

Highlights included:

  • David Schmidt introduced WinFit, including the following topics:
    • Why diets, extreme exercise and fat burners don’t work
    • The many benefits of WinFit
    • The WinFit path to success
    • Over 600 people were recognized for reaching Manager rank and above
    • Jannie Bak was honored with the 2016 Richard Quick Pursuit of Excellence Award
    • All attendees received a FREE copy of the WinFit story, as told by David Schmidt
    • The WinFit Florida Getaway promotion was announced

Plus, some of our most successful Leaders took the stage:

  • Jesper Pedersen presented How to Introduce LifeWave to Complete Strangers
  • Jan Wiegel presented the Daily Necessities to Succeed in Direct Selling
  • Mette Bloch presented How to Give a Presentation to a Group
  • Guest speaker, Michael Kongsbak Jonasson, presented Success and Failures
  • Axel Stellar presented Becoming a Product of the Product
  • Sanne Pedersen and Ida Larsen presented How to Ask for An Order and Close the Sale
  • Jannie Bak presented How to Bring in New Enrollees and Build Your Organization
  • Miguel Molina presented How to Stay Motivated and Focused

If you didn’t have a chance to attend Copenhagen this year, expect even greater things in 2017. And we want to thank everyone for making this year’s event a monumental success!