Congratulations to Our Florida Trip Qualifiers!

On behalf of everyone at LifeWave, we’d like to congratulate participants who accumulated 500 enrollment points and qualified for our Florida Getaway Promotion! Your work ethic sets a great example for all LifeWave business builders. Thanks for your continued dedication and enjoy your trip to beautiful Fort Lauderdale!

  • Siegfried Feichter (Austria)
  • Yvonne Cuolt (Switzerland)
  • Chang Chung-Wen & Eric Huang (Taiwan)
  • Elfriede Mayer (Austria)
  • Lisa Wu (Taiwan)
  • Norbert Fersch (Germany)
  • Hellebeth Hansen (Denmark)
  • Ellen Engler (Switzerland)
  • Tu, Shui-Kun (Taiwan)
  • Chang, Wan Chu (Taiwan)
  • Lily Choung (Taiwan)
  • Fiona Wen (Taiwan)
  • Thomas Sudy (Austria)
  • Fion Liu (Taiwan)