Company Milestone – Personal Message from President Mike Collins

As our tenth anniversary approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on my own history and how it’s led to my current position as LifeWave President. To begin with, let’s turn back the clock to the early stages of my career.

After graduating from The University of Notre Dame and serving my country in the U.S. Army, I was hired by Procter and Gamble to fill an executive sales position. A few years later, PepsiCo recruited me, where I ultimately rose to Division Vice President of Sales.

Next, I began an important chapter in my career, filling executive leadership roles for two of Network Marketing’s largest and most successful companies. This experience taught me a whole new approach to management, one that encourages and incentivizes people towards greatness they often don’t even know they have.

I saw how people could reach incredible income levels, travel the world, earn incentives and garner recognition that’s only possible in the Network Marketing industry. During this time, I was also an active participant in the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation for six years.

At this point, I decided to become a general consultant for various Network Marketing companies. It was also around this time that I received an important call from an early LifeWave Leader. The company was only a year old at the time and off to a great start, but he realized I could help structure it for future success.

Before I met Founder and CEO, David Schmidt, I attended a LifeWave meeting in Orange County, California, where I was given a packet of Energy Enhancer patches. I used them the very next day and they had a tremendously positive effect on my mental clarity and energy level. I already knew I had to be involved!

A month later David moved the company to San Diego, where we met for lunch in La Jolla. David’s amazing communication skills and impassioned belief in his technology inspired me to take action. A week later, I sent him a note that read: “I have to get in the batter’s box and start swinging!”

As a result, he offered me the Executive Vice President position, and in January of 2006 I became LifeWave President. David and I worked together to build the staff, nurture our European markets, develop key functions and create a public persona that emphasizes substance over flash. In our case, that was a natural evolution given the efficacy of our products.

Like any great partnership, ours is based on mutually beneficial sets of skills and talents. I was attracted to LifeWave’s technology, and David’s believability, credibility and brilliance. I also knew that LifeWave was poised to blossom worldwide.

On the flipside, David saw the guidance, experience and leadership I could provide. I had connectivity to the DSA, service providers, and a universe of contacts, along with vast experience dealing with field Leaders. And what an amazing journey it’s been thus far!

After ten eventful years, LifeWave still feels like a new company, and I truly believe the best is yet to come. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my experience, it’s that people really are the most valuable asset to any Network Marketing company.

Thanks to all of our Members, without whom, our success would never be possible. Here’s to a brilliant future of prosperity and the transformative powers of LifeWave!