Company Milestone – Energy Enhancer Patch Released in 2004

As we approach our 10th anniversary, this latest in our series of company milestones focuses on the release of LifeWave’s Energy Enhancer patch* in 2004.

Our first official product launch, the Energy Enhancer patch symbolizes a crucial stage in LifeWave’s past and current development. Not only did it receive global attention during the 2004 Olympic trials, but its fundamental technology has also been issued a patent by the United States Patent Office.

Energy Enhancer is the brainchild of inventor, LifeWave Founder and CEO, David Schmidt. “We’re all accustomed to thinking that we have to put something into our body, like vitamins, to improve our health,” David explains. “While proper nutrition, water and exercise are a necessary part of any healthy lifestyle, our bodies also require a continuous flow of energy.”

To that end, a clinical study was conducted that explains how the Energy Enhancer patch produces a significant increase in flexibility, strength, endurance and energy levels in healthy humans.

Used by healthcare practitioners, celebrities and people from all walks of life, the Energy Enhancer patch has also been endorsed by noteworthy professional and Olympic athletes around the world. It continues to be an extremely popular LifeWave product, and a true testament to the efficacy of our patch technology.

*Click here to learn more about the Energy Enhancer patch in the EU.