Company Milestone, 2014 – The Release of CORSENTIALS

Based on extensive discussions with our Leadership group in 2013, LifeWave recognized the need for new business systems to simplify and expedite the success of our Members. The goal was to create a unique product that would be easy to use, while offering unparalleled benefits. This inspired an entirely different approach to product development and led to the creation of CORSENTIALS.*

Just eight weeks after its release, distributor commissions increased by an amazing 70 percent and CORSENTIALS was already receiving rave reviews. What’s more, March 8-9, 2014 was the biggest sales weekend in LifeWave history, crushing our previous record by 44 percent.

Demand for CORSENTIALS continued to grow, as people across the globe sought to experience the whole body health benefits delivered by our most advanced product yet. The groundbreaking system made its mark in Europe, with respective launches at events in Copenhagen, Lyon and Barcelona.

Comprised of the Theta One supplement, our exclusive nutrient delivery system Theta Activate, and our most popular patch product Y-Age Aeon, CORSENTIALS offers an affordable way to achieve vibrant health.

“No other product offers the comprehensive benefits of CORSENTIALS,” said David Schmidt at the time of launch. “Lives all around the globe will change for the better, and we couldn’t be more proud to help facilitate this change.”

*Click here to learn more about CORSENTIALS in the EU.