Company Milestone, 2013 – The Release of Theta Nutrition

An entirely new health technology, Theta Nutrition was officially launched in 2013, with the release of Theta Heart, Theta Fuel and Theta Mind. These breakthrough formulas became instantly popular and for good reason. Made with natural premium ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, people could now feel unparalleled results within minutes of use.

Safe, effective, and stimulant-free, Theta Nutrition was truly set apart from other products on the market, which is still true today. Theta Nutrition offers Theta Fuel which is a healthy alternative to energy drinks and helps combat fatigue on a cellular level, Theta Heart, which promotes optimal heart function and Theta Mind, which supports cognitive function, including the support of focus, attention and memory.

Subsequent to the release of these three products, Theta Nutrition was expanded to include Theta One, which contains colostrum, also known as nature’s original super food. Theta One is also an integral component of the CORSENTIALS system, which transforms health through powerful benefits not available in any other single product.

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