Company Milestone, 2012 – Leaders Recognized for European Expansion

Spearheaded by the efforts of our Leaders in Europe, LifeWave’s global presence was firmly in place by 2012. As far back as 2005, we had already established the underpinnings of a good business presence in Germany and Austria. After successful meetings in Frankfurt, Germany and Mondsee, Austria, with roughly 400 people attending both events, all indications pointed to a positive trend in these regions.

Despite our enthusiasm over these initial meetings, however, LifeWave wasn’t quite prepared for international business at the time. As a result, we had to delay entry in to the European market until certain guidelines were formally in place.

During this hiatus period, distinguished Leaders Sonja Loferer and Gerhard Neumann stayed committed, continuing to support LifeWave with unbridled enthusiasm. When we came back in 2010, they were still there, still leading, still committed, still buying our products and still spreading the LifeWave message.

It’s because of them that we now flourish in Germany/Austria, our second largest global market. Laser focused on obtaining quality talent, they’ve assembled a dynamic leadership team including Jan Wiegel, Hermine Obermann, Kurt Wendler-Rothenberger and Axel Steller.

Of course, sales are the best barometer for healthy business growth and the numbers tell a compelling story in this vital market. If 2011 was a good year for business, 2012 was literally off the charts, all of which can be attributed to the constancy of Gerhardt, Sonia and their powerful distributorship alliance.

“There is no finer example of driving LifeWave’s success than our leaders in Austria and Germany,” said President Mike Collins. “Together they form a team that has elevated our efforts to an amazing level.”

Fast forward to 2014, and Germany/Austria continues to thrive for LifeWave. Our three-city Europe tour in May of last year included an event in Munich, where David Schmidt and Mike Collins held meetings with that region’s Leadership team. Among the topics discussed were possible strategies for building upon the company’s greatest strengths on a global scale.

During the main event, Hermine Obermann and Kurt Wendler-Rothenberger received LifeWave’s Distinguished Leadership Award, a prime example of how Sonja and Gerhard have gone above and beyond to find and nurture some of our most accomplished Leaders.