Company Milestone, 2010 – Suzanne Somers Becomes LifeWave Ambassador

Official LifeWave Ambassador, Suzanne Somers, is a woman of many talents. The face of America’s alternative health revolution is also a renowned actress, talk show host, businesswoman and #1 New York Times bestselling author.

After experiencing their effects first hand, Suzanne was instantly an avid supporter of LifeWave’s patches when she was introduced to the company in 2006. In 2010 she became our official Ambassador, and has since supported our cause by speaking at LifeWave events, spearheading W.O.W. webinars and adding invaluable endorsement and credibility to our overall mission.

2010 also marked the release her bestseller “Knockout”, which includes an interview with David Schmidt regarding the importance of keeping glutathione levels elevated as we age. She now makes LifeWave products part of her daily health routine, which includes using Y-Age Glutathione*, buying organic foods, filtering drinking water and removing toxic household cleaners from her home.

With the recent release of her latest book “I’m Too Young For This”, Suzanne’s career continues to soar. In September of 2014, A Place For Mom Senior Living Advisors named her The Most Influential Senior in Health and Fitness. What’s more, “Knockout,” was recently printed in Chinese and remained number one in China for over 16 weeks!

Suzanne is a vital contributor to LifeWave’s success, and we’re so fortunate to have her as our official Ambassador. Her unwavering commitment to educating people on breakthrough, alternative health treatments is an inspiration to the entire LifeWave global community.

*Click here to learn more about Y-Age Glutathione in the EU.