Combatting stress with Y-Age Aeon

It was National Stress Day this week and stress is something that affects every single one of us, whether it be in our professional or personal life. Nobody is resistant to stress.

The LifeWave patch, Y-Age Aeon, could be the solution for your stress issues. Did you know that our Aeon patches have been clinically proven to reduce stress in the body?!

Evidence shows that, Y-Age Aeon produces a balance in the nervous system, which aids in the reduction of stress and stress-related problems.

Not only can the Aeon patch reduce stress and inflammation, when used in conjunction with Y-Age Carnosine and Y-Age Glutathione, often people see an improvement in skin colour, texture and wrinkles around the face in as few as 2 weeks.

To find out more information and see how much better you could feel, log on to and discover more on this powerful patch.