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LifeWave NOW Is a Hit!

If you have been tuning to our all new LifeWave NOW webinar (English only for now), you know LifeWave Director Paula Shaw and Marketing VP Jim Caldwell keep you informed!  It is all about connecting with the LifeWave community with conversation that counts. From our Founder and CEO David Schmidt, to LifeWave InTouch App creator John Preski, to LifeWave distributor and naturopathic doctor Dr. Shauna Young, to distributors sharing secrets on how to successfully retail LifeWave products … the guests are relevant and the talk is on the money!  Tell your team and check out all our latest webinars for LifeWave NOW! here. 

LifeWave NOW Webinars Set for Early 2020

With three LifeWave NOW webinars under our belt, we’re ready to take off into the new year with more! Cohosts Jim Caldwell and LifeWave distributor/radio host Paula Shaw are drawing in hundreds of participants for each live webcast, now offered on ZOOM.

Last webinar, they touched on retailing opportunities and shared feedback from distributors who responded to the webcast survey on the topic. And Melinda Connor, ten-book author and board-certified fellow of the American Alternative Medicine Association, also joined to talk about her amazing research on X39®.  Be on the lookout to sign up for our upcoming LifeWave NOW webinars in 2020.

LifeWave NOW Update

Second webinar complete!

LifeWave NOW just finished its second webinar and our attendees are loving it! Cohosts Jim Caldwell (LifeWave Marketing VP) and LifeWave distributor/radio host Paula Shaw drew in hundreds of participants to hear how to sharpen their business-building skills, increase customer attraction, and get up to date on all the latest news LifeWave has to offer.  LifeWave Founder and CEO David Schmidt gave us news from the cruise and Senior Presidential Directors Gregory and Robin Blanc Mascari shared secrets about achieving LifeWave’s top rank incredibly fast.

Five lucky participants won a free sleeve of X39® for being the first to share their retail tips via email! If you’d like to see the latest webinar, you can watch it on Youtube here.  Our next LifeWave NOW will be December 4, 2019 at 6PM Pacific, English only.  We are working out plans to bring this concept to other countries in other languages. Stay tuned!

LifeWave Now Is Launched! New Live Webinar Will Keep You Informed in Real Time

LifeWave Now is here! We launched our first LifeWave Now webinar just 10 days ago on Wednesday, October 16 in the U.S., as a test. We’ll be working to bring this exciting form of communication to the rest of the world over the next few months. Jim Caldwell, our Marketing VP, and Paula Shaw, a Director with LifeWave and media host with her own radio show, will be presenting this regularly scheduled, 20 to 30-minute webcast. The purpose?  To keep you updated, informed and educated on all things LifeWave … from valuable updates, interviews with successful distributors, and other information  you need to know, now.

In our first webinar, we featured our guest speaker booked for the upcoming Las Vegas event, Phil M. Jones (see below).  In a fast-paced and lively discussion all about his “magic words,” he helped us see why they help you know “exactly what to say” in any situation.

Stay tuned for upcoming LifeWave Now webcast dates, as we continue the program in the U.S. with hopes to expand it worldwide in multiple languages with simulcast translation! An ambitious goal, but we just might pull it off!

Upcoming Webinars

The upcoming product training webinars for this month are as follows:

Danish Product Training Webinar 8th January at 10am PST
German Product Training Webinar 8th January at 11am PST
Italian Product Training Webinar 8th January at 12pm PST
English Only Product Training Webinar 8th January at 4pm PST
Mexico Product Training Webinar 9th January at 8pm PST
French Product Training Webinar 10th January at 12pm PST