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Introducing Two-Day Shipping for Gold and Diamond Kits in the U.S.

As you know, when a Gold or Diamond enrolls, they’re committing some serious resources. To recognize that, we’re going to do our part to increase distributor satisfaction. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be shipping all Diamond and Gold enrollment kits by two-day shipping, at a flat rate: Gold Kits $10, Diamond Kits $15.   This will be for all lower 48 states in the U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska excluded).   As we determine other shipping methods that we can try in other territories, we will do it!

Quick note: To get the shipping flat rate, no additional product may be added to either package.

We Want to Hear From You!

It’s important for us to know what you think and what you want us to do better in our LifeWave journey together. So please take our short survey at We want to know …

  1. Do you like the concept of having the Diamond package focused only on X39®?
  2. How much more interested would you be in our new LifeWave Now programming if it were broadcast in your language simultaneously?
  3. Is there something in particular you’d like us to share with you in Las Vegas or at any of our events coming up?

Let us know … and take advantage of this very direct opportunity to influence corporate decisions!

Protect the Brand

With the advent of X39®, the stories of wonderful improvements in health and wellness have increased dramatically.  Here’s a friendly reminder:  We make no medical claims and do not mention diseases in our suggested benefit descriptions.  Needless to say you should not either.  So when you do hear about amazing results from X39® or any of our other wonderful products, steer clear of regulatory problems, by never mentioning a disease, but rather focusing on general benefits. Words are a powerful thing.  Choose them wisely. And of course, let our tools do the talking so you don’t have to. Videos, brochures, our catalog, the website, sales sheets, power points… these and more have been designed to deliver the message for you.  Put them to work!

CEO and Founder David Schmidt and Marketing VP Jim Caldwell just got back from LifeWave, Live! Tokyo… the official launch of LifeWave in Japan

It was an incredible event, considering it is the fastest growing country in the world for LifeWave. We even had a championship boxer keynote for us, Mr. Akira Yaegashi, who is a great believer in LifeWave! The atmosphere was electric and the stage over-flowed with recognition for some incredibly productive leaders! Japan, like so many countries across the world now, is on the move!

Introducing the New Member Bonus

A New Member Bonus program has been added to our Compensation Plan! It is powerful incentive for not only new members but also all members throughout the network.

Think about how important the first 90 days are for new members. The sooner they realize what is possible in our great business, by earning more money faster, the sooner they commit to stay and build. This supports retention, a key to a broader, deeper LifeWave network. And by this new bonus focusing on team-building, the size of the network increases over time, along with volume, so all existing members benefit. This is a win-win for everyone!

This bonus is available to all LifeWave members within 90 days of their join date. Every week, LifeWave will reserve 3% of global cycle pay and matching bonuses and put it in the New Member Bonus pool.


A New Member (NM) by definition has been a distributor of LifeWave for 90 days or less.

  • New Members will earn “pool” points during each week when they enroll a Bronze, Gold or Diamond distributor. Bronze earns 1 point, Gold earns 5 points, Diamond earns 15 points.
  • And upgrades are also included in this great new bonus! This means a NM earns pool points when one of their personally sponsored members upgrades. See the schedule below for all pool points scenarios.
  • Points will reset to zero on Monday, the start of each week.
  • At the end of the week (Sunday), the NM’s point total becomes a percentage of the total points earned by all new members globally that week.
  • That calculation will determine the percentage of a NM Global Cash Pool that will be earned by any New Member.
  • The NM Bonus global cash pool is funded by 3% of LifeWave’s total Cycle Pay and Matching Bonuses, reducing that total by 3%.


  • Bronze = 1 Point
  • Gold = 5 Points
  • Diamond = 15 Points
  • Silver to Gold = 2 Points
  • Bronze to Gold = 4 Points
  • Platinum to Diamond = 5 points
  • Gold to Diamond = 10 Points
  • Silver to Diamond = 12 points
  • Bronze to Diamond = 14 Points


*If 3% in the New Member Bonus cash pool one week is $20,000 and the points you earned = 1% of total points awarded that week, you would earn $200 that week.

*New members are exempt from contributing to this bonus for 90 days from their join date. There are no pool points awarded for Silver or Platinum enrolments.