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A new Alavida box has been created

Over the next few weeks we will be shipping boxes that look like the attached graphic rendering.  This is upgraded packaging that matches an excellent product!  First impressions are lasting and when someone receives this great looking box in which our wonderful Alavida system is contained, they will be very impressed indeed.

Quick Notes

Registration for the LifeWave Live! Las Vegas 2020 is open.  Plan on this being a BIG event!  Here is the link to the registration site:


Mexico Update:  X39™ became available as a shopping cart item on Monday July 15th and available in enrollment / maintenance packs after July 22nd.


You can now upgrade to a higher position with a credit card on file in the Back Office.  There will no longer be an error message.

Stem Cell Injections and our Wonderful Alternative

Here’s another article that is a wake-up call to anyone considering stem cell injections and that easily positions X39™ as a safe, non-invasive, non-drug alternative that anyone can try… and that comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  Name one stem cell “procedure” that comes with that level of confidence.  Add this article to your arsenal to set LifeWave apart… in a class by itself.

Study shows how diet can prevent a mid-life microbiome crisis and improve brain health

This a great article that ties in cognitive skills as it relates to prebiotics and your “gut” health. As you read you learn: “A number of physiological and psychological changes occur as we age, and many studies have shown that our gut microbiome also changes as we grow older. A fascinating new study is suggesting that a shift in gut bacteria in our middle-age could trigger a process that plays a role in cognitive decline in our later years. And diet may be the key to encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria that benefit healthy brain aging.”


But we have products that can aid in this area of cognitive health too, don’t we? Carnosine supports the health of the brain and X39 boosts health at the cellular level supporting, among other things, good digestive health.  So eat right, stay hydrated and pay attention to how you support better digestive health with prebiotics.  And use LifeWave products!  Encourage others to the same to stay sharp as we all work to be younger next year!

Product Spotlight: Nirvana

There is no question that X39™ has captured the imagination of members across the globe. And for good reason. What members are experiencing themselves and witnessing in others is truly awesome! But remember what got us here: Our line-up of other great LifeWave products also boost health at the cellular level, allowing you to offer people many solutions to challenges they face. Nirvana is a great example… perhaps one of the most under-rated products we offer.


The Nirvana Mood Enhancer System has a patch and supplement that work together to elevate endorphins and support a prolonged sense of happiness and well-being. Endorphins are the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Know anyone that would like to feel good? Of course you do! And what about this: Endorphins are many times more powerful than morphine at relieving pain, without the side effects. So a combination of Nirvana and Ice Wave is a powerful duo for helping ease pain! And evidence shows beta endorphins increase the production of collagen, which can lead to stronger, more healthy skin and joints, with an added anti-aging component as well.


X39™ is a powerful, perfectly-timed lead product, for sure. But you also have at your fingertips other great products, like Nirvana. Always be ready to talk about and share any of our products that are the foundation of the LifeWave opportunity.