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Our Preferred Customer Program has been made even better!

Here’s some great news!  After excellent feedback from the field, we’ve adjusted the PV on all of our products within the Preferred Customer program to make sure that no matter what your customer signs up for on Autoship, there will be cash profit with every sale.  Here are the details:

Product                      Preferred Price         BV                   Retail Profit

X39                                       99.95                     43                           $20

1 Regular                           69.95                     39                           $20

2 Regular                           59.95 ea               31 ea                     $10 ea

3 Regular                           49.95 ea               22 ea                     $10 ea

Y Age                                    149.95                  66                           $30

Nirvana System               139.95                  84                           $39

Alavida Crème                  79.95                    21                           $20

Alavida Nectar                  59.95                    25                           $15

Alavida Trio                      149.95                   51                           $40


For added details on the Preferred Customer Program, check out the Resource section of the Back Office.

Don’t hesitate to put customers on Autoship in the Preferred Customer Program to add more consistent monthly PV and cash profit! Tell your team!

New Opportunity Being Tested for Diamond Enrollees Featuring X39®

We are testing a new program in the U.S. only where Diamond enrollees will see the default selection for product, within their kit, is 100% X39® (19 sleeves) with 25 Trifold brochures, 25 Benefits cards and 25 IFU brochures. It’s a business in a box!  This dedicated X39® Diamond Kit will allow you to focus on our flagship product and include a sampling program guide that lays out step-by-step how to give  prospective customers or distributors a seven-day supply of X39® FOR FREE and what to do for follow-up.

Sampling programs like this have already been tried by a few of our leaders, with great success! Tell your team!  As we move forward, we’d love to hear how you like this focused Diamond Kit.  Of course with positive feedback, we’ll consider rolling this out across the world.

Some Great New Articles that Remind You How Great LifeWave Technology is!

The power of Aeon, the wonder of stem cells, the dangers of stem cell therapy… these three really interesting articles will give you plenty to talk about as you showcase the power of LifeWave technology.

News 1

Synopsis — A great article on the value of balancing the autonomic nervous system. Here’s why it is relevant:  In a study conducted by Dr. Tom Budzynski on our Aeon patch back in 2010, he discovered that Aeon technology significantly helped to balance the autonomic nervous system!  And of course, we were able to correlate this to anti-aging effects.  So, we were only about 10 years ahead of leading scientists!

News 2

This is an article that will remind you of David Schmidt’s experiences working with Planaria and applying his unique lab technologies to helping injured Planaria regenerate dramatically faster.  This time the subject is a hydra, and it speaks to the wonder of stem cells and how incredibly powerful they can be in the healing process.

News 3

This article focuses on the regular occurrence where bad stem cell therapies are foisted on ill-informed victims who do not do their homework!  The message is:  Be careful, do your research, and when in doubt, do not proceed with the procedure.  Life is too short!  Tell others to use X39® and activate existing stem cells in their bodies… they’ll be amazed at the results!

Should You Send Out a Few Samples of X39… or Not?

We are asked regularly if we will produce packaging that can be used to send out small quantities of X39®.  The short answer, no.  Here’s why:  Even though we have all witnessed, experienced, heard about people who have seen benefits from X39® within minutes or hours or a few days, we have also heard of people who have felt or seen nothing for weeks and then Wham! Amazing results.  The key is let people try X39® for as long as it takes. Sure, you could try giving/selling small sample packs to people, as long as you have a strategy for rolling them into a longer use period if they haven’t seen results in 7 days.  But generally we suggest give X39® ample time to work.  Certainly within 30 days, at least 90% of people who have tried X39® will understand its power.  Remember: We have a very strong 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (from date of shipment).  Let them know that.  Give them time to feel and see the power of X39® – and it will deliver!

Our new Preferred Customer Program has launched!

A preferred customer is a customer on Autoship. So this is a great new customer incentive program that offers any new customer the chance to save money on LifeWave products by setting up Autoship. Here’s how it works: New customers ordering can select from two pricing options: Retail and Preferred. If they choose Preferred, they will be asked to set up Autoship. By doing so they will save money immediately, a great benefit you can highlight. A PDF with details is attached and soon will be available in the back office in all languages under the Marketing Resources sectioned and is titled ‘Preferred Customer Program’.

Pricing Details

Retail Customer (excluding X39™)

1 pack  = $79.95, 39 BV, $30 retail profit 

2 packs = $74.95 each, 39 BV each, $25 retail profit per pack

3 packs or more = $69.95 each, 39 BV each, $20 retail profit per pack


Preferred Customer (excluding X39™)

1 pack = $69.95, 39 BV, $20 retail profit

2 packs = $59.95, 39 BV each, $10 retail profit per pack

3 packs or more = $49.95, 39 BV each, no retail profit