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Article on “Walk Slow, Age Fast”

A Slow Walking Pace at 45 Could Point to Premature Aging

In an article published in New, researchers found that those people who had a slow walking pace at 45 were probably aging quicker than their faster-walking peers in terms of neurological and physiological health.

“Doctors know that slow walkers in their seventies and eighties tend to die sooner than fast walkers their same age,” explains senior author Terrie Moffitt. “But this study covered the period from the preschool years to midlife, and found that a slow walk is a problem sign decades before old age.”

The research suggests gait speed may be a useful indicator of health concerns in middle-aged adults. Additional research has shown that gait analysis can identify different types of dementia in the early stages of cognitive decline, and even detect glaucoma before symptoms of visual deterioration appear.  LifeWave is an excellent companion technology for anyone working to stay vibrant with the energy to move faster through life.  From X39® to Carnosine to Energy Enhancers, always be sure to use Lifewave to stay ahead of the game!   Click here for the full article.

Less Than Six Hours of Sleep Increases Death Risk from Chronic Disease

We all need sleep, but often our busy schedules keep us from getting the amount our bodies truly need. A recent article from New highlights a new study from the American Heart Association that found normal sleep (eight hours) can be protective for people with certain chronic health ailments, like high-blood pressure and diabetes.  Less than six hours a night increases the chances of early death in people suffering from some chronic health conditions, including heart disease.

Having a healthy lifestyle — which includes adequate amounts of sleep — helps to support your foundation for optimum wellness. So remember, our Silent Nights® is clinically shown to increase length of sleep by as much as 66%, as well as enhancing the quality of sleep. Wear them for a better night’s sleep!

Some Great New Articles that Remind You How Great LifeWave Technology is!

The power of Aeon, the wonder of stem cells, the dangers of stem cell therapy… these three really interesting articles will give you plenty to talk about as you showcase the power of LifeWave technology.

News 1

Synopsis — A great article on the value of balancing the autonomic nervous system. Here’s why it is relevant:  In a study conducted by Dr. Tom Budzynski on our Aeon patch back in 2010, he discovered that Aeon technology significantly helped to balance the autonomic nervous system!  And of course, we were able to correlate this to anti-aging effects.  So, we were only about 10 years ahead of leading scientists!

News 2

This is an article that will remind you of David Schmidt’s experiences working with Planaria and applying his unique lab technologies to helping injured Planaria regenerate dramatically faster.  This time the subject is a hydra, and it speaks to the wonder of stem cells and how incredibly powerful they can be in the healing process.

News 3

This article focuses on the regular occurrence where bad stem cell therapies are foisted on ill-informed victims who do not do their homework!  The message is:  Be careful, do your research, and when in doubt, do not proceed with the procedure.  Life is too short!  Tell others to use X39® and activate existing stem cells in their bodies… they’ll be amazed at the results!

Stem Cell Injections and our Wonderful Alternative

Here’s another article that is a wake-up call to anyone considering stem cell injections and that easily positions X39™ as a safe, non-invasive, non-drug alternative that anyone can try… and that comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  Name one stem cell “procedure” that comes with that level of confidence.  Add this article to your arsenal to set LifeWave apart… in a class by itself.

Remember, The Mind is a Powerful Thing!

You’ve heard the stories. You probably have experienced it yourself. That period of time, that moment, that day… when you or someone you know was “in the zone” and everything just worked out perfectly.  Whether on the sports field or in a business setting, where every shot is perfect, every outcome is exactly as you would hope. There is no better feeling than things playing out exactly as you want. The key?  Your mindset.  Learning to “see” what you want, having the abilities to do what you envision, and following through on that confidence despite any obstacles that might stop a lesser person.  You can do it!  And with LifeWave as your success vehicle, your intent to be great in this business and LifeWave products keeping your body “tuned”… the sky’s the limit!