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Coronavirus Impacts LifeWave Events

As you probably heard, the late March event in Germany was postponed due to travel and quarantine risks surrounding the Coronavirus.  This comes on the heels of us having to postpone all May events in Asia including Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines.  We wanted to err on the side of caution considering the level of uncertainty associated with this virus worldwide.  We felt strongly that we didn’t want to put any of our members at risk by gathering in crowds for these events, let alone traveling and dealing with sudden restrictions or travel cancellations.  We are currently looking at dates later in the year to re-schedule all of our live events and will keep you informed!

Science, Showgirls and So Much More!

We just wrapped up LifeWave LIVE! Las Vegas 2020 last week  — it was a rousing and revelatory success. Two premier researchers were featured in Saturday’s presentations – Dr. Melinda Connor and Dr. Gaetan Chevalier. Both presented their latest scientific studies on the dramatic, life-enhancing effects of X39®, and their findings were jaw-dropping

World-renowned wordsmith Phil M. Jones was on hand to show us all “Exactly What to Say” from his book on that same subject, and LifeWave VP of Marketing, Jim Caldwell, with APP creator John Preski unveiled InTouch — a new LifeWave mobile app that makes follow-up fun! (See details in another article in this month’s Splash.)

LifeWave founder David Schmidt shared exciting plans for 2020, the latest on our amazing technology and along with Jim, recognized our top achievers in the company that are really getting it done! And some of you may have caught members attending the event as they exclaimed over how great it was as LifeWave NOW’s Paula Shaw livestreamed on Facebook!

Hundreds of LifeWave members partied Las Vegas-style on Saturday night, dining and dancing the night away. On Sunday, plenty of interaction ensued as people asked questions about the business, the science and the exciting future of LifeWave.

LifeWave LIVE! Germany 2020 Around the Corner in March

Another huge LifeWave event is coming up March 21-22, 2020 – LifeWave LIVE! Germany – taking place in the Darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Germany. Renowned tax franchise entrepreneur Udo Heimann will keep you highly entertained as he shows you how to ease your tax burden to keep more of your money for investment and growth in your business.

And Phil M. Jones will be there, hot off his Las Vegas appearance, to show attendees how his “magic words” can make all the difference in the world to your success.  Plus, researcher Dr. Melinda Connor will share more of her amazing findings on X39® as we enter the possible world of age reversal.

Register here to reserve your place for LifeWave LIVE! Germany 2020 now.

This is a big year for LifeWave LIVE! events throughout the world. Stay tuned for details on future events in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia … and more!

LifeWave LIVE! Las Vegas 2020 Is Filling Up – Reserve Your Space Now

Be sure to gather your teams and get your tickets so you don’t miss out on this amazing event in the heart of Las Vegas on January 25-26, 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. This is a time to rub shoulders and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow members as you all hear the latest behind LifeWave’s dramatic growth.


Featured guests include Phil M. Jones, author of “Exactly What to Say,” who’ll give you the tools, techniques and know-how to use the right words to boost your business big time.  Plus, guest speaker Dr. Melinda Connor, ten-book author and board-certified Fellow of the American Alternative Medicine Association, will share her insight and expertise based on her extensive research of X39®. Also speaking will be Dr. Gaétan Chevalier, a nuclear physicist who works in advanced medicine, who recently concluded research on X39® health effects on brain function and cognition. His findings are quite remarkable.

Of course, LifeWave Founder, Inventor and CEO David Schmidt will wow you with his latest insights on age reversal, regenerative science and what the future holds for all of us! And

Marketing VP Jim Caldwell will unveil a powerful new mobile app for prospecting retail customers and team members, featuring the app developer himself on how you can do business straight from your phone!


Register here to reserve your spot now for LifeWave Live! Las Vegas 2020.

As you register, be sure to enter our Top Team Leader contest where the team leader named the most on our event registration form will be recognized on stage and given a Special Prize and FREE X39® along with his or her attending team members also winning a sleeve of X39®!

LifeWave LIVE! Germany 2020 Is Fast Approaching in March 2020

Inspiration, motivation, education, entertainment, and so much more is on the agenda for LifeWave LIVE! Germany on March 21-22, 2020. This year’s European event will take place at the Darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Germany.

Renowned tax franchise entrepreneur Udo Heimann will keep you highly entertained as he shows you how to ease your tax burden to keep more of your money for investment and growth in your business.


Phil M. Jones is making a repeat appearance on our stage — fresh off of his Las Vegas appearance – showing how the most effective phrases can really work in your favor. He’ll offer live one-on-one interactions with attendees on stage to show the power of words!


Register here to reserve your place for LifeWave Live! Germany 2020 now.