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Customer Service Update – Improving the Distributor Experience over the next few months

The planning and purchase of a new, state-of-the-art cloud-based telephony platform (that will be able to function globally over time), plus associated customer relationship software, are in process.  This is a big deal!   Once installed, these systems will be able to (among many other efficiency-improvement tools) record every call — great for training purposes to improve the Distributor experience.  Routing calls based on things like language requirements or hold times or caller ID will bring powerful, new efficiencies to Customer Service.  One of the new metrics we will be measuring (among many to be measured), will be “first-call resolution” — how many calls did we resolve on the first call…key for overall customer satisfaction.  We are on track for significant improvements in the Distributor experience and we will keep you posted as these new, wonderfully robust capabilities come on stream over the next few months.

Coming Customer Service Upgrade Will Greatly Improve Your Experience

From enrolling to shipping to back office questions to communicating… our ability to serve you at a much more effective level is being upgraded. The momentum LifeWave has been experiencing since the launch of X39® has led to increased demand on our Customer Service department, and we are taking this as an opportunity to upgrade so we can serve you much better.  We have set our sights on creating a world-class customer service (CS) experience that fuels growth. More CS agents available when and where you need them (new reps being professionally trained in San Diego and Ireland as we speak), VIP services, upgraded cloud-based telephony, performance benchmarks driving greater distributor satisfaction… these are all in the works.  An example of our commitment: we have brought in a seasoned customer service specialist, who has led CS at the global level for a $Billion-dollar company in our industry.  She will help make our CS platform second to none!  Count on it!

Quick Notes

Registration for the LifeWave Live! Las Vegas 2020 is open.  Plan on this being a BIG event!  Here is the link to the registration site:


Mexico Update:  X39™ became available as a shopping cart item on Monday July 15th and available in enrollment / maintenance packs after July 22nd.


You can now upgrade to a higher position with a credit card on file in the Back Office.  There will no longer be an error message.

Testimonial Releases for Your Great Stories

Have you sent in a testimonial to David Schmidt or to our corporate  Have you posted a testimonial on Facebook?  If you have done that or intend to, we need you to fill out and sign our Testimonial Release and Affidavit for our records.  It is a matter of good business practices for us to have your release on file in case there is any question as to its authenticity. Please go to our back office and download a release  that is printed in your native language and also one printed in English, fill out both and send each on to  Any questions?  Just email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!