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LifeWave InTouch App Now Available in Six More Languages

LifeWave is an international company, and our new app reflects that! LifeWave InTouch is now available in six more languages beyond English – German, Italian, Danish, Polish, Spanish and French. And it’s even available in different languages for your country of origin. In other words … got a prospect in Italy but you’re in the US? No problem! You can communicate with them in their native language, with all our videos in that language, too. It is a powerful tool you can use to contact prospective customers or those who seek an opportunity.  You can even post images to social.  The cool part?  You know when someone views or clicks on what you have sent or posted.  That means you can follow-up with confidence! Be sure to visit your iOS or Android app store and download it.

Testimonial: “LifeWave Helped Us Win Four Medals”

There’s no denying that LifeWave products are truly making a difference, but sometimes they’re put to the test in a serious way. Professional figure skaters Karen Kan and James Gann relate how the patches helped them during their training for a recent competition:

“I’ve been a fan of LifeWave patches for more than 14 years, and I was using them to train for the 2019 International Skating Union Adult Figure Skating Championships in October last year. Two days before my first event, I fell and hit the back of my head HARD on the ice. James said it sounded like a bowling ball being dropped on the ice.  At the time, I had X39® on the back of my neck and Energy Enhancer patches, Y-Age Aeon patches and IceWave on my knees. I did not lose consciousness and I did not feel any pain.  The next morning, I had absolutely no signs of a concussion and no swelling. It was a miracle! We skated clean, inspired programs and won four medals!”                                                                                  ~ Skater Karen Kan, M.D.

“I regularly use X39®, Y-Age Aeon, Energy Enhancer and Carnosine, and I notice a remarkable improvement in the speed of my recovery. I can train super-hard in Crossfit and still figure skate afterward! My muscle development and definition keeps improving even as I get older. Thank you, David Schmidt and LifeWave!”                                 ~ Husband/Skating Partner James Gann

Have You Signed Up for LifeWave InTouch?

Our all-new, mobile contact management App is here to make follow-up fun! It launched February 1st (English) in the USA and distributors say it’s producing an amazing difference in the way they do business. It will be released in Europe March 21 in 6 languages:  Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish and Polish. In May, Japanese and Chinese will be available. Choose the country, choose the language and share!

You’ll be able to streamline your prospecting by sharing videos, posting social media images and signing up team members or customers right from your phone! We even provide suggested texts, subject lines and email content to use for maximum effect (which you can change if you want), and you’re automatically alerted when someone watches what you’ve sent them as you build interest in our great products and opportunity.

This is a tremendous way to increase your follow-up confidence and take a big step forward in your business-building and customer acquisition efforts. It’s available now in English in your app store for Android and iPhones.  Just type in LifeWave InTouch in your App store and get in touch!

Success Library Is Launched!

There’s a treasure trove of information waiting for you in our new  ! This is a one-stop resource for training, information, tips and suggestions covering much of what every member needs to know to be successful.  This site is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Some of the online articles available include a Product Training Guide, Enrollment Kits Explained, Getting Started with Instagram, How to Use the Back Office, a Success Guide … and many other e-books! It’s a great resource that covers so many categories pertinent to your daily business – so dive in and dial up success! Access it here.

Our New Success Library Is Just What You Need!

Our newly created Success Library is available for all team members, in virtually all of our standard languages at It’s a one-stop shop for training, information, tips and suggestions covering much of what you need to know to be successful in LifeWave.   Check out the detailed e-Books like the Product Training Guide… or Enrollment Kits Explained… or Getting Started with Instagram… or How to Use Our Back Office… there are 14 e-Books in all!   Dive in and see what you can learn to boost your business and retail sales!