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The new Business Opportunity Video is now available.

The new Business Opportunity video (English only) is ready in the Back Office (with virtually all other languages dropping in the back office in the next few weeks). In case you didn’t catch the email, here are the links to the YouTube channel where you can watch either video:

Phototherapy:   Acupressure:

This new tool is a great companion to the X39™ video.  Now when talking with a prospect, you can lead with this video and follow up with the X39™ product video, or the other way around.   These videos can do a lot of the talking for you! Sharing this new video can be as easy as sending a link and asking someone… “Have you seen this?  Take a look and let’s talk.”  And then you follow up with X39™…  then some testimonials… then the website… then a 3-Way call… a series of exposures like these will bring any prospect to a decision point to either learn more or walk away… and that’s OK.  You want to work with people who want to work with you!

Over the next 6 to 8 months a lot more is coming to make your job easier, better, more effective… more successful… and we wouldn’t want to any other way!

Testimonial Releases for Your Great Stories

Have you sent in a testimonial to David Schmidt or to our corporate  Have you posted a testimonial on Facebook?  If you have done that or intend to, we need you to fill out and sign our Testimonial Release and Affidavit for our records.  It is a matter of good business practices for us to have your release on file in case there is any question as to its authenticity. Please go to our back office and download a release  that is printed in your native language and also one printed in English, fill out both and send each on to  Any questions?  Just email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

Quick Reminder for Those Qualifying for our Fabulous 15 Year Anniversary Cruise (and anyone sponsoring New Members)

As you know, anyone you sponsored during the contest period that ended April 30, must stay active for 60 days for you to “punch your ticket” for our Cruise in November. Whether you are standing by to win that cruise or not, be sure to work with an New Members you have sponsored, show them how to keep it simple, help them connect with their “why” for joining LifeWave, remind them of the urgency behind the New Member Bonus and that it lasts only for their first 90 days. Reinforce the time-tested duplicatable strategies that draw people to our products and opportunity and help them to do the same thing with their New Members. Hope to see you in November!

Take Advantage of our Momentum

Have you heard? LifeWave is paying out commissions these days that haven’t been seen in years! In fact in a recent week the commissions pay out total was greater than we have seen in at least 5 years! Here’s another way to look at it: Compared to June of 2018 before X39™, and commissions in April, they have tripled! This is the definition of momentum. You are living it and seeing it right now.


“I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to all of our members who have made the launch of X39 such an extraordinary success. Your efforts, and the efforts of your teams, are dramatically improving the quality of life for people around the globe. We have truly now entered the reality in which stem cell science is available to everyone.” 

-From CEO, Founder and X39™ Inventor, David Schmidt


There is never a better time to be in LifeWave as we look forward to celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary in November!  And with what we have planned for the rest of 2019 and beyond, it is going to only get better… and better! So take advantage of all that is here and share our amazing technology and opportunity everywhere you go, and show others how to do the same, as we build to a Billion… together.