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Helping Our Members in Several Ways

As COVID-19 continues to be a global challenge, all of us at LifeWave want you to know your health and well-being are our top priority. Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of our LifeWave community – and continue to provide our incredible products, helpful communications and heartfelt support to all of you as this global health challenge continues.

We are grateful to be deemed an essential service company, so that we can continue our business operations. As we move through the stages of this pandemic, we’re constantly striving to help our members in several ways. For example:

Helping Hands Task Force

We’re communicating with global leaders on a regular basis to share ideas for best ways to support the field during ever-changing conditions related to the coronavirus.  From charitable efforts for those on the front lines to best practices in social media to informative webinars for you, we are on it!


Life according to COVID-19 has affected all of our daily practices dramatically. In the face of such change, we realize the importance of regular communication with all team members. Therefore, we’ve increased our webinar presentations significantly and are working to provide simultaneous translations for different languages to keep us all connected.

David Schmidt COVID-19 Informational PDF Now Available

We’ve created a document for you outlining the key takeaways of David Schmidt’s two crucial webinars on how to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus. It’s available in the Back Office in all languages.

LifeWave Helping Hands Program

Helping those who may be challenged by financial hardship during these unusual times is one of our top priorities. To that end, we’ve recently donated nearly $200,000 in cash, cap mitigation and free product to help LifeWave Members.

Travel Incentive Program Canceled

We have been forced to cancel our Executive Travel Incentive Promotion because, as you know, most international travel has come to a virtual standstill – making it impossible to carry out any program involving travel.  However, we do look forward to announcing a great incentive program in the future!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have permanently extended our Money Back Guarantee to 90 days instead of 30 days for retail customers and preferred customers across the globe. This makes the sales process so much easier because you can now allow customers to try our technology risk free!

Customer Service Tip

Here’s a tip when you instruct your new team members on how to log into the Back Office. If they experience any issues logging in, try using a different internet browser than what they normally use, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Please try this option before contacting Customer Service as it may resolve the issue straight away.

LifeWave InTouch, Our New Mobile App, Is Here to Make Follow-up Fun!

Have you signed up for LifeWave InTouch, LifeWave’s new mobile app yet? Revealed at LifeWave LIVE! Las Vegas just last week, it’s going to take your business and retailing to a new level.  We started with English and the rest of the languages will be added over the next few months.  In a step-by-step, easy, logical process, you can share videos, post social media images and enroll customers or team members right from your phone!  And you’re automatically alerted when that person watches what you’ve sent them as you build their intertest in our great company!  Your confidence about follow-up will leap forward.  This is prospecting made painless!  Look for this in your app stores (Android and iPhone): LifeWave InTouch.

When it comes to LifeWave, exposures are the name of the game!

This is not a business of convincing.  It is a business of exposing. Here’s what we mean: You want to give people enough information through a series of exposures to things like a video, a brochure, a webinar, a 3-way call, your sponsor… whatever it takes… for the lightbulb to go off and someone to start asking questions.  At that point just provide the answers… and if you don’t know, find out. Whenever people are asking good questions that means they are truly interested.  But of course probably the most important exposure is to our technology.  Let people try our products!  Whether you give them a small supply for a particular symptom they have, or you sell them a sleeve with a full 30-day money back guarantee backing up that purchase, once they have experienced LifeWave, there’s no turning back.  So let our tools and  your team do the talking… the explaining… and before you know it, you have a new customer or new member on your team!

Where do you find customers who could become your next big leader?

There are so many categories for life’s pursuits.  Here’s one:  Know anyone who plays sports?  Of course you do!  Think about the people you know who play sports.  Or like to stay active.  Whether futbol or American football, soccer, baseball, cricket, golf, tennis… runners, walkers, cyclists… hundreds of millions of people keep their bodies moving… or try to.  Would they benefit from LifeWave?  Of course they would!  The benefits from using any number of LifeWave patches for things like energy, faster recovery, pain management, more stamina, more focus… are many!  So what should you do?  Approach someone you know who plays sports or likes to work out, and share the X39® video, share a testimonial, suggest right then that they do some pushups… and watch them do more with Energy Enhancers.  Engage them in the technology. Let them try LifeWave.  Using is believing!  Help them realize how much faster or stronger they can be… or how much longer they can go… using LifeWave.  Once they experience Lifewave, they’ll talk.  People who take care of themselves will tell others about something that makes them enjoy their physical fitness more.  And that word of mouth is what it is all about!  So get with those who are into sports and fitness, share the tech and watch what happens!