Business Builder: Extra Cash and BV Promo

From January 9 through March 26, earn extra BV bonuses on all Gold enrollments and above!* Plus, earn extra cash each time your new enrollees sponsor two new Distributors of their own. See the details for both sets of rewards below.

BV Points for Gold Enrollments and Above:

  • Each Gold enrollment = 1000 Extra BV points
  • Each Platinum enrollment = 2500 Extra BV points
  • Each Diamond enrollment = 5000 Extra BV points

How to Earn Cash Bonuses
Any Active Distributor may participate, by simply sponsoring new enrollees at Gold level or above between January 9, 2017 and March 26, 2017.

Get extra cash each time your new enrollees sponsor two Distributors within 30 days!

  • Earn an Extra $100 for:
    • 2 Gold enrollments
    • 1 Gold and either 1 Platinum or 1 Diamond
  • Earn an Extra $250 for:
    • 2 Platinum enrollments
    • 1 Platinum and 1 Diamond
  • Earn an Extra $500 for 2 Diamond enrollments

*New enrollments for participants must occur during promotion qualifying period (January 9 – March 26).
*Participating Sponsors and new enrollees must remain active for 90 days to qualify.
*All BV is added to Power Leg, 45 days after new Gold-level and above enrollments occur.
*New enrollee sponsorships must occur within 30 days of joining LifeWave.
*Promotion qualifying period expires March 26 at 11:59 a.m. EST.