Building Block Bonus Winners!

The Building Block Bonus promotion is going strong and some Distributors have already reached Manager! Thanks to all of those Sponsors for helping them achieve this goal. Congratulations to the following Distributors for earning their $400 bonus and earning a $100 bonus for their Sponsors:

  • New Manager: Gitte Langgaard (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Jesper Feldborg Dahl-Vedel (Denmark)
  • New Manager: Henrik Blaesbjerg (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Anne-Marie Blaesbjerg (Denmark)
  • New Manager: Anders Toftdahl (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Soren Alsbjerg Christensen (Denmark)                 
  • New Manager: Hanne Krestine Eg Bruun (USA)
    Sponsor: Susanne Nielsen (Denmark)    
  • New Manager: Birgit Francke (Germany)
    Sponsor: Maria Baumberger (Germany)
  • New Manager: Charlotte Nielsen (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Kirsten Lak (Denmark)
  • New Manager: Tina Jorgensen (Spain)
    Sponsor: Lis Max Moller (Denmark)      
  • New Manager: Jens Erik Aebeloe (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Trine Aebeloe (Denmark)        
  • New Manager: Une Ju Johnson (USA)
    Sponsor: Chirs Park (USA)
  • New Manager: Wolfgang Nowak (Germany)
    Sponsor: Gertrud Igl (Germany)
  • New Manager: Vivi Jensen (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Anna Rubin (Denmark)
  • New Manager: Rune Bodker Sorensen (Denmark)
    Sponsor: Henrik Dahl Nordstrom (Denmark)      
  • New Manager: Tuija Karjalainen (Finland)
    Sponsor: Tero Varikoski (Finland)

If you’re a new Distributor and sign up by November 29, you still have 30 days to achieve Manager, earn your $400 bonus and a $100 bonus for your Sponsor. Good luck!

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