Building Block Bonus Promotion!

Beginning September 28, earn great cash incentives just by building your LifeWave business.* New Distributors, Existing Distributors and Sponsors can reap the benefits of the special promotion, and we look forward to seeing the results. Good luck in the field!

Here’s how it works:

New Distributors
From September 28 – November 29, earn a $400 bonus by reaching Manager level within 30 days of when you enroll! So even if you enroll on November 29, you still have 30 days to reach Manager level.

The three requirements for reaching Manager level:

  1. Be a Gold Rank Member—if you didn’t register at the Gold level or above, you can upgrade any time.
  2. Earn a minimum of 110 in personal volume (PV) per month—each product is assigned a PV amount, so check your order status and make sure you’re meeting this qualification.
  3. Personally enroll and sponsor four new Members at the Silver level or higher—two new Members on each leg.

Existing Distributors
Earn a $400 bonus by reaching Manager level by October 31.


  • Earn $100 for each new Distributor you enroll, who reaches Manager level within their first 30 days.
  • Earn $100 for each of your existing Distributors, who reach Manager level by October 31.

Questions or Concerns? Contact LifeWave Customer Service Any Time!

*Distributors who previously reached but are no longer at Manager level are not eligible to participate in the Building Block Bonus promotion. To receive bonuses:

  • New Distributors and existing Distributors who reach Manager rank must remain active at that rank for 90 days from achievement date.
  • A New Manager must remain active at Manager rank for 90 days from achievement date for the Sponsor to receive a bonus.