Building Block Bonus: Our Latest Group to Reach Manager!

We’re so pleased to recognize our latest group to reach Manager within 30 days! We also want to thank the Sponsors who helped them achieve this important goal. Reaching Manager is an important first step in your journey as a LifeWave Leader, but there are several higher ranks you can still achieve. That’s why it’s essential to always consult with your Sponsor on the best ways to reach your future goals.

The list of qualifying Managers is at 115 and growing! Congratulations to these Distributors!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you’re a new Distributor and signed up by November 29, you still have 30 days from the time you enrolled to achieve Manager, earn your $400 bonus and a $100 bonus for your Sponsor.*

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*Distributors who previously reached but are no longer at Manager level are not eligible to participate in the Building Block Bonus promotion. To receive bonuses:

  • New Distributors and existing Distributors who reach Manager rank must remain active at that rank for 90 days from achievement date.
  • A New Manager must remain active at Manager rank for 90 days from achievement date for the Sponsor to receive a bonus.