Building Block Bonus: More New Managers to Announce!

We’re thrilled to announce that a third group of Distributors have reached Manager within 30 days! We’d also like to thank the Sponsors that helped them achieve this important goal. Congratulations to the following Distributors!

If you’re a new Distributor and sign up by November 29, you still have 30 days to achieve Manager, earn your $400 bonus and a $100 bonus for your Sponsor.* Good luck!

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*Distributors who previously reached but are no longer at Manager level are not eligible to participate in the Building Block Bonus promotion. To receive bonuses:

  • New Distributors and existing Distributors who reach Manager rank must remain active at that rank for 90 days from achievement date.
  • A New Manager must remain active at Manager rank for 90 days from achievement date for the Sponsor to receive a bonus.