Building Block Bonus: A Smashing Success!

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone for participating in the Building Block Bonus promotion. We’re proud to announce that a total of 320 qualifiers reached Manager, earned a $400 bonus and a $100 bonus for their Sponsors! And thanks to all of the Sponsors who helped them reach this important goal.

We’d also like to remind those who reached Manager that this is only the beginning of your LifeWave journey. There are several higher ranks you can still reach and we’re confident that you’ll continue to succeed.

Great Tips for Moving Forward:
The following tips are used by the top LifeWave Leaders. Now you can use them to stay on the path to greater success:

  • Meet and speak with your mentor and downline regularly (at least weekly)
  • Share your weekly/monthly/annual goals with your mentor and your downline
  • Follow up with your Customers regularly
  • Practice your elevator speech as often as possible
  • Set a goal of scheduling at least two meetings per week

Congratulations on showing what it takes to be a LifeWave Leader and keep up the outstanding work!