Big Patch News: Phototherapy Now in the U.S.!

We have great news for all of our business builders! We’ll be launching our U.S. product catalog on February 29, which will include the new phototherapy description of our patches. And for U.S. product orders, you’ll also begin to see phototherapy patch sleeves in the next couple of weeks.

This Simplified Message Will Help Your Business
Because light therapy is such a common treatment these days, this change makes it much simpler to describe our patch technology to a wide audience. It also means we’ll have consistent messaging with many of our European markets, where they already talk about the patches in terms of phototherapy.

More Support Tools Coming Soon
We’ll also be providing additional marketing tools to support the phototherapy launch, including:

  • Patch phototherapy fact sheet
  • Phototherapy sales scripts for both old and new prospects
  • Patch technology video
  • Calendar of events/suggestions to help strategize your recruiting efforts

As always, thank you for your continued support, and good luck in the field!