Attention Team Leaders: FREE X39® could be in your and your team’s future!

The USA Live event in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Germany Live event in Frankfurt, are coming up fast in 2020!   If you’re building a network of other distributors, putting on meetings, doing webinars, helping with 3-way calls… you name it… If you are supporting your team any way you can… you are a team leader!   And we want to honor you and your team at these events!  Just get everyone on your team to sign up for one of these events (see links below) . Be sure they fill in your name on the registration form where it says:  Team Leader Name.   The team leader named the most on that registration form, for each event, will be recognized on stage and given a beautiful Special Prize by LifeWave’s acclaimed CEO and Inventor, David Schmidt .  Plus, each Team Leader and everyone on their team, will all win a sleeve of the coveted X39®!


This is big!  We dare your team to win hundreds… or thousands of X39®!  To claim your X39®, each winning leader and members of his or her team must be in attendance when we name the Top Team Leader at the close of the day on Saturday.


Our planned agenda will rock the house… FREE X39® will rock your world!  Here’s all you have to do:


Members:       Get registered and name your Team Leader.

Leaders:          Lead your team to choose you!

Work together… and get your FREE X39®!   


Registration info:

LifeWave Live! Las Vegas :

LifeWave Live! Germany – English:

LifeWave Live! Germany – German:

LifeWave Live! Germany – Danish:

LifeWave Live! Germany – French:

LifeWave Live! Germany – Italian: