Article on “Walk Slow, Age Fast”

A Slow Walking Pace at 45 Could Point to Premature Aging

In an article published in New, researchers found that those people who had a slow walking pace at 45 were probably aging quicker than their faster-walking peers in terms of neurological and physiological health.

“Doctors know that slow walkers in their seventies and eighties tend to die sooner than fast walkers their same age,” explains senior author Terrie Moffitt. “But this study covered the period from the preschool years to midlife, and found that a slow walk is a problem sign decades before old age.”

The research suggests gait speed may be a useful indicator of health concerns in middle-aged adults. Additional research has shown that gait analysis can identify different types of dementia in the early stages of cognitive decline, and even detect glaucoma before symptoms of visual deterioration appear.  LifeWave is an excellent companion technology for anyone working to stay vibrant with the energy to move faster through life.  From X39® to Carnosine to Energy Enhancers, always be sure to use Lifewave to stay ahead of the game!   Click here for the full article.