Are You Plugged In?

It is always interesting when we hear of members who don’t seem to be aware of all of the resources at their fingertips.  We’ve all heard or use the expression “… in business for yourself but not by yourself.”  Have you thought about what that really means?   There is a huge amount of help available almost everywhere you turn.  The back office, your sponsor, your team leadership, customer service, product webinars, videos, events, catalogs, your websites ( and… the list is very long.  What about your leadership’s private Facebook group?  Or LifeWave corporate’s social platforms? Have you read the Story of X39®?  It is the guide that you can link to right from the front page of your site


Here’s the point:  you have so many ways to get plugged in, to learn, to develop confidence through knowledge.  So do it!  Learn everything about this business and our wonderful products… and certainly tell other members on your team to do the same.  Knowledge overcomes fear!  And we are committed at LifeWave corporate to continue to provide you with everything you need to share our products and business opportunity professionally and most effectively…. so you become unstoppable!