Annual Event Naming Contest: The Results Are In!

In the February 11 issue of Splash, we asked you to come up with one catchy name for our two big annual events (U.S. and Copenhagen). Well, the results are in and we’ve narrowed the options down to the three following names:

  1. The Wave (example: The Wave: U.S. 2017)
  2. LifeWave LIVE! (example: LifeWave LIVE! Copenhagen 2017)
  3. The Main Event (example: The Main Event: U.S. 2017)

Please submit your vote for one of the names above by March 21 on the LifeWave Facebook page.

The Winner Will Receive an Awesome Prize!
Once the final votes are in, the winner will receive a terrific LifeWave prize, in addition to bragging rights, of course! We also want to thank everyone who participated. There were so many terrific names submitted, it was no easy task to choose just three. This is an inspiring example of group participation, and we love seeing this level of enthusiasm.

Don’t forget to submit your vote on Facebook today! You can also vote by sending an email to