Anniversary Milestone: LifeWave Receives Global Attention in 2004

As we approach our 10th anniversary (November 10, 2014), we’ll be featuring a series of milestones that have defined our amazing success thus far. For our first article, we turn back the clock to a decade ago.

LifeWave first received global attention at the 2004 Olympic Trials, when prominent women’s swim coach, Richard Quick, provided his eight-member Stanford University team with our Energy Enhancer patches. Three weeks later, six of the team members broke their personal lifetime records. These results inspired Richard to join LifeWave’s senior management team and become an advocate for the company.

Introduced to LifeWave products by prominent biomedical engineer Dr. Karl Maret, Richard was in a unique position to evaluate the LifeWave patches. It was an honor to receive endorsement from someone of his stature, whose career includes a number of remarkable milestones as well:

  • A record thirteen NCAA National Championships
  • Five consecutive National Championships at the University of Texas
  • Eight NCAA National Titles at Stanford University
  • Five NCAA Coach of the Year honors
  • Coached the U.S. Olympic Team at six consecutive Olympic Games

 In 2009 Coach Quick passed away in Austin, Texas, with his beloved wife June by his side. An early advocate of LifeWave patches, his efforts helped propel our company into national prominence. We are forever grateful to him for his passionate dedication to our mission.