An Exclusive WinFit Message from CEO David Schmidt

Four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, once said:  “I knew if I wanted to build muscle I had to eat my carbs. I made sure that with each meal I was getting 50 to 70 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs.”

Can this really be true? Don’t most people tell you to eat a low-carb diet?
Well, take it from Mr. Cutler, who made a profession out of building massive amounts of muscle and eliminating any evidence of fat. Eating carbs is an absolute necessity, because they’re an important source of energy. Athletes especially need this energy to drive their performance and workout routines, and carbohydrates are simply the best fuel to accomplish this.

But what about non-athletes, who simply want to lose extra fat and get lean and trim? The same rules apply. With WinFit, we’re focusing on the same thing as bodybuilders (more muscle, less fat). But we’re not trying to build massive amounts of muscle. This means we can eat the same amount of food, but just take in fewer calories than bodybuilders (not difficult since they eat 7000 calories or more a day!).

So, a typical meal could be a piece of grilled chicken with a vegetable like broccoli and some brown rice.  This will give you protein, complex carbs and fiber. Add some olive oil and real butter, and now you have the healthy fats you need to make hormones.

Bottom line: with WinFit, there’s no need to diet or make sacrifices. Just make some smart decisions on eating and stay with the program; it works!