Alavida Y-Age Promotion: Only 4 Days Left!

You only have until Sunday, May 1 to buy two Alavida Regenerating Trios for $299.90 (238 total BV), and get two sleeves of Y-Age Glutathione for FREE (you save $99.90!).*

Alavida is a 24/7 solution for younger, healthier looking skin, from the inside out and the outside in. It combines our patented, phototherapy patch technology with naturally derived, plant based ingredients to regenerate your skin’s radiance. And Y-Age Glutathione is a popular patch that improves overall health and supports the immune system.

LifeWave Member, Julie Lenhert, sums up her love for Alavida this way: “I tend to have very dry skin, and most products I’ve tried in the past dried it out even further. Alavida has lessened that. It has brightened my skin. It has tightened my skin. It gives me moisture, softness and a glow that I’ve never had. It’s a great product not only to use, but also to share with your friends and those you care most about. And because it’s such a great product, it’s also easier to build your business with it. I’m so grateful that LifeWave came up with Alavida!”

Much like Julie, LifeWave products can enrich all areas of your health and your life—watch her full video testimonial (third one down) on the main Alavida product page of And don’t miss the opportunity to share Alavida and Y-Age Glutathione with everyone you know.  Visit the LifeWave shopping cart and make your purchase today!

*No substitutions allowed. Only LifeWave Members qualify. Not available through autoship. Promotion expires May 1 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.