Alavida Skin Care Unveiled in Copenhagen!

With over a thousand people in attendance, The Alavida Regenerating Trio was unveiled at our launch event in Copenhagen on September 19—the response was overwhelmingly positive to say the least! This entirely new approach to skin care is a beautiful merging of nature and science that could only come from LifeWave. We’re confident it will be the catalyst for a bigger, bolder and brighter future for everyone in our global community.

All the Support You Need to Succeed

  • Beautifully designed brochure: perfect for demonstrations, as a leave behind, and as a training tool
  • Alavida branded website (
  • Product videos: these dynamic videos bring Alavida to life!
  • Informative webinars: coming soon to your email inbox
  • Additional exciting support tools coming soon: look for them in the Back Office under Resources/Marketing Tools
  • A business-building email campaign with weekly steps and tips on how to boost your LifeWave business with Alavida!

Get Started Today!
This is the day your LifeWave business reaches new heights and takes on a whole new complexion of its own. Why wait? Purchase the Alavida Regenerating Trio now!

  1. Log in to your Back Office
  2. Click on Orders (top right)
  3. Then New Order (on the left-hand navigation)
  4. Finally, click “Add to Cart”