Alavida Evens Out Skin Tone: These Pictures Tell the Story

In yet another great Before and After submission, we show Alavida’s ability to even out skin tone after just four weeks (see below). We’ll continue showcasing this Before and After campaign in upcoming Splash issues, and we’d also love you to get involved.

How to Take Proper Before and After Photos:

  1. Remove all makeup and wash your face before you start.
  2. Have someone else take your photo.
  3. Choose an area that has controlled lighting, such as a bathroom.
  4. Take photos at the same time of day.
  5. Always take the photos in the exact same spot.
  6. Choose a plain wall (preferably white) as your background.
  7. Place the camera/phone the same distance from your face every time.
  8. Don’t use a flash.
  9. Use the same facial expression and face angle each time.
  10. Complete and sign our photo and testimonial waiver. Download the PDF.
  11. Send your photos to, and include a note of when each photo was taken (e.g. Day 1, Day 15, Day 30, etc.).

Take great pictures and thanks for participating!