Alavida Before and After Campaign!

Prior to launching the Alavida Regenerating Trio, we conducted a series of clinical studies that yielded some amazing results. Our Members are now having the same positive experience! In this issue, we’re featuring one of our top Austrian Leaders, Hermine Obermann. She had this to say about her personal experience with Alavida and why she’s so excited about what it means for the future of LifeWave:

“Congratulations on the design and name of this fabulous skin care trio! It will bring LifeWave to the next level for sure. I like the texture of both the Daily Refresh Facial Nectar and the Nightly Restore Facial Créme. My skin assimilates to them very quickly.

They both have a very silky feeling as opposed to that sticky feeling nobody wants. I also like the scent of the Nectar and Créme very much.  Plus, these products are simple to use and work very well with my makeup routine. Regarding the Alavida Phototherapy patch, it definitely gives me that regenerating feeling the marketing materials promise. Overall, I couldn’t be more excited to present Alavida to my team and prospects alike!

– Hermine Obermann, LifeWave Leader