AcuLife: LifeWave’s First Pain Relief Solution for Horses

At LifeWave we love animals and we know that they, like people, can experience crippling pain. That concern led directly to our AcuLife equine patches.

The history of AcuLife began in 2005 when Dr. Lauren DeRock DVM, first applied our patch technology to horses. Dr. DeRock suspected that the patches would relieve pain in equines just as effectively as they do in people. That initial idea led to a request for a clinical study involving 138 horses. Astoundingly, the study resulted in findings indicating that 137 of 138 horses showed signs of significant pain relief! The dramatic findings were clearly VERY compelling. In fact, the results were so potentially revolutionary that it resulted in LifeWave’s first ever mention in a scientific journal!

Enter John Chance, LifeWave Leader and Distributor #1. John saw massive business potential in the equine market and decided to shift his efforts to promote pain relief patches for horses. His enthusiasm was such that LifeWave Corporate agreed to perform further clinical studies specifically to facilitate a brand new product, one that was designed specifically for horses. After trials were completed and evaluated, AcuLife was born!

Like our other patch products, AcuLife does not contain drugs or stimulants and no needles enter the horse’s body. It works by stimulating specific pressure points associated with typical sources of pain for horses.

As it turned out, John was correct: AcuLife fills a serious need and business has been enormous. In fact, this year we expanded AcuLife to Europe and expect similar success.

LifeWave would like to acknowledge the following certified AcuLife trainers: Keith & Helen Smith, Jay & Sandi Thurston, Tanya Ledbetter, Kyrss Helfrich, Brett Baize, Heidi Inman, Donna Wooten, Heather Rasmussen, David & Dr. Sabrina Williams, David Wolfe DVM and Kathy Arnaud. We are very grateful to John and Dr. DeRock for the pioneering work that they have done with AcuLife and for single handedly creating this amazing business opportunity.

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