AcuLife In Europe Update

LifeWave is happy to announce the creation of our AcuLife Certification Training Program for our European Members interested in distributing AcuLife patches for horses.  AcuLife Director, John Chance, will lead and organize the training clinics that will be included in this new training program.

How You Can Get Certified

John Chance will launch this program by first recruiting ten Members to act as certified trainers for our European AcuLife market. In order to qualify to become one of these ten representatives, you must have experience working with horses, such as owning a horse, being a veterinarian, general care of horses or other related qualification.

If you are interested in applying to be an AcuLife European Certified Trainer, please email your contact information and biography of your horse experience to Customer Service, including the subject line “European AcuLife Certification Training”:

Once John has chosen the ten Members who qualify to be a certified trainer, a date and location will be announced and a 2-day clinic will take place where these Members must past testing in order to be certified with correct horse patching protocols.

Training For Dealers With No Equine Experience

We have given deep thought and consideration about how to teach people with no prior horse experience on how to patch horses. The reasons for this is because safety is a priority, and if someone has a lack of knowledge about horses, it will be evident when speaking with people who make a living in the horse industry.

We will begin training dealers with no equine experience with basic horse patching protocols so that they can visit with their AcuLife contacts and conduct a brief presentation.  For these equine inexperienced dealers to be allowed to distribute AcuLife patches, they must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • You will not be allowed to set up a booth space at an equine event for the sole purpose of patching horses, ONLY for patching humans.
  • You will not be allowed to cold call any equine associations, larger ranches, etc.
  • You cannot conduct any clinics or trainings WITHOUT a certified AcuLife trainer present
  • You will not be allowed to be certified as an official AcuLife trainer
  • You will not be allowed to conduct a demonstration at public events, barrel races, rodeo events, race tracks, trail rides, etc.

Dealers without equine experience will be allowed to conduct private patching on horses; they can patch horses at a privately owned barn or ranch.

If you are a dealer with no equine experience, but want to qualify to distribute AcuLife patches, you must first shoot a short video of yourself performing an AcuLife patch demonstration on a horse and email it to LifeWave Customer Service at You must also sign an agreement that contains guidelines and requirements, and if broken, can lead to suspension or termination from LifeWave.