Aches and Gains Interview: Shedding Light on Our Phototherapy Patches

Part one of the Aches and Gains interview with David Schmidt and LifeWave Ambassador Suzanne Somers aired on March 19, and what a revealing broadcast it was. This weekly program is hosted by Paul J. Christo, the Associate Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School Medicine, who is widely recognized as one of the leading experts in pain management.

The interview touched on Suzanne’s previous struggle with major health issues, and how she subsequently overcame the pain and reshaped her life. David offered revealing insights on our patented phototherapy patches, which Suzanne uses to support her health. He described how our technology uses light energy to reduce pain, and the exciting future of phototherapy for promoting wellness: “What’s so exciting about this is the exact mechanism of how this is all occurring. We now know we can use low levels of light to have the body produce its own antioxidants, and very favorable bioelectrical changes that lead to extremely rapid pain relief.”

Tune into part two of the interview on Saturday, March 26 at 2 p.m. PDT, as Suzanne expounds on how LifeWave’s phototherapy patches have benefitted her. In addition, David will provide greater detail on how our patches provide a wide range of benefits, and examine the future of phototherapy for enhancing health.

If you happened to miss these live broadcasts, you can access a recording of them here: Back Office > Resources > Marketing Tools > Interviews.

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There’s nothing like positive media exposure to drive interest and increase brand awareness. Not to mention the scientific credibility we gain by being associated with someone of Dr. Christo’s stature. This is also another great business-building tool for re-energizing existing Customers as well as attracting new prospects. With that in mind, please tell everyone you know to listen to this interview, and as always, thanks for your continued support!